My name is Christopher and I’m a problem solver with a varied background. My education is UX, but I’ve had many projects as Full-stack developer, and also have had been entrusted in multiple non-profit organisations to lead and manage projects and teams.

Previous work and positions of trust:

  • Netlight: Consultant 2019/20
  • Lundakarnevalen: Head of Administration and IT 2018 (Non-profit)
  • Telavox: Master Thesis (Data science) 2018
  • Alumniföreningen: Head of IT 2017 (Non-profit)
  • CompareIT: Backend developer 2017
  • Elderly home: Care assistant 2016
  • ARKAD: Head of IT 2016 (Non-profit)
  • Kristanstads Nation: Boardmember 2015 (Non-profit)
  • Taxi97: App-developer 2015
  • Patiently: Web-developer 2014
  • Kristanstads Nation: Qurator (CEO) 2013/14 (Non-profit)
  • Ericsson: Service Engineer 2012

Other worth mentioning:

  • TLTH: Balgeneral for New Year’s eve bal 2014(Non-profit)
  • LundAI: Moderator at AI-pub 2018
  • Photographer at multiple events 2014/16
  • Kristianstads Nation: Graphic designer 2015
  • Engineers without border in Lund: Part of PR-team 2013

Code projects


Sabadello - Web developer

Consultant GatsbyJS Netlify-cms GraphQL Netlify

Sabadello Legal is an international business law firm headquartered in Vienna with an office in Stockholm and partners around the globe.

Christopher developed their website using server-rendering architecture. He used Gatsby combined with Netlify-cms to allow Sabadello to themselves manage the content.


Solved all Advent of Code puzzles 18/19

Personal Projects Python Algorithm

AdventOfCode is a programming puzzle competition. It is an advent calendar and every day in december a new puzzle is released. For me in Sweden at 06:00. Those who finish the puzzle first gets more points. The problems gets harder for each day and require good algorithmic understanding and coding skills.

I’ve managed to solve all puzzles in 2018 & 2019. During those years I took part of the private leaderboard for Netlight. I won both years in the company leaderboard. In year 2019 I also managed to get 13 global points. Those who understands, understands.


Ebook-app for a public library

Consultant JavaScript React Python Django Android iOS Cordova Capacitor Swift Kotlin Webpack TypeScript

The app was aimed towards children to help them find books that would spark their reading-joy. The app was an hybrid-app in Cordova with an Django backend. The app was first created in 2016. In 2019 Christopher joined the team. He had a full-stack role touching all parts of the app. It was mainly React development, but also; native app development for DRM management, backend-development, and DevOps.



Non-profit AWS DynamoDB AWS Cognito AWS S3 AWS Cloudfront AWS Lambda Serverless JavaScript Node.js React Redux

Lundakarnevalen is the biggest event in south of Sweden. It is a student-organisation that every fourth year arranges an carnival. Over 5000 students participate in all the events, restaurants, entertainments, musicals, and organising the carnival.

Several movies are produced for the event. Both recordings of the musicals, and a full-length movie (50minutes) is created. KarnePLAY is a streaming-website for hosting and viewing the movies. Christopher was tech lead in the project. It is built serverless to be able to scale, with an React frontend hosted on S3 and lambda functions as backend.



Employment javascript react drupal jest ansible docker css html

Edge labs is an internal knowledge-hub for a consulting firm. It allowed consultants to share knowledges in form of articles and also creating projects together. It was an React-page with a headless-Drupal to handle the CMS. Christopher was part of a team of 5 to create the initial release.


Diet-tracking app for Startup

Consultant Javascript React-native

The app helped users keep track of their diet and received nutrition information. The app was already released when Christopher took over the development of the app. Christophers assignment was to add diary functionality. The project was quite rapid, but was successfully released within deadline.


ML Research on customer support at Telavox

MasterThesis Python Machine learning SQL Sklearn Jupyter notebook Keras

Telavox is eager to give the best customer support, and to do that they need to understand their customers as best they can. Christopher took part of a master thesis where they analyzed the support tickets with NLP and Machine learning.



Non-profit AWS SES AWS SNS PHP HTML CSS MySQL Brunch-making

Alumniförening is an alumni organisation for alumnis the Faculty of engineering in Lund. Christopher was an elected board member with responsibility for the web page. The webpage offered management of membership, payment, events, and newsletters. He lead a small team of developers to work through the backlog. His tactic for motivating the developers was to spoil them with an amazing home-made brunch at each meeting.


Neonela price-calculator

Consultant Javascript AngularJS NodeJS MongoDB MEANjs

Neonela kitchen sells stainless steel kitchens. They help customers navigate through all the options and choices of ordering a kitchen. Neonela wanted a price-calculator for stainless sinks to enable customers to play around with the sizes and options to get a better feeling of what affects the price.

Christopher together with a collegue designed, developed and deployed the system. It is a


Backend developer at CompareIT

Employment Golang Digital ocean Jenkins

Compare IT is a startup Smart-home company in Lund, Sweden. They offer a smart-home device that connects a houses electricity to their app. Christopher was hired to help develop the microservices connecting the API to partnering services.


ARKAD 2016 - Career fair systems

Non-profit Javascript AngularJS NodeJS MongoDB Algorithm MEANjs Heroku

ARKAD is the biggest career fairs in south of Sweden with over 150 exhibiting companies. Christopher was recruited as Head of IT with responsibility of the internal systems. Christopher together with two developers built 4 different systems for the fair.

Banquet - A system for managing the Fair-banquet. That included registration, book-keeping payments, mailing information, and an algorithm for table-placement. The table-placement was made to optimise students to sit near company-representatives that are interested in their field of study. The banquet had 700 guests, so the algorithm saved a lot of time for the organisers.

Student session - Student sessions are one-on-one meetings between companies and students. The system helped automatic parts of the process which consists of; Student registration, summary to companies who elect students, then scheduling all meetings.

Events - A system for the event-organisers to manage events, to register for events, summerising food-preferences, and check-in guests at the door.

Recruitment - A system for managing hundreds of applications to be a host during the fair. Also a algoritm to help sort applications to exhibitors that they are interested in.


ARKAD 2015 - iOS developer

Non-profit iOS Swift

ARKAD is the biggest career fairs in south of Sweden with over 150 exhibiting companies. Christopher was recruited to their IT team and was the responsible iOS developer. The iOS app was an fair-app to give visitors information about events and where exhibitors could be found.


Taxi97 - Developer

Consultant iOS Android Scala Objective-C Java

Taxi97 is an taxi-company in Malmö, Sweden. They wanted to compete with the threat of Uber and released a own app that’s easy to use. Christopher joined a team of 4 that together built and deployed the app. First as an Android-developer, but then got responsibility over the iOS app and the Scala-backend.


eeeDays 2015 - career fair systems

Consultant Android iOS Wordpress Java Objective C PHP Javascript CSS HTML

eeeDays is a business, economics, IT career fair for students in Lund. Christopher was hired to take responsibility for the IT. That included building the fair-app on both android and iOS, and also building wordpress-theme for the website.


Patiently - Wordpress developer

Employment Wordpress PHP Javascript HTML CSS

Patiently is a small startup in Malmö. They aimed to help digitalising healthcare. Christopher was hired as an web developer and he build a Wordpress site for an partnering hospital.


ARKAD 2012 - Android & iOS developer

Non-profit iOS Android Objective-C Java PhoneGap

ARKAD is the biggest career fairs in south of Sweden with over 150 exhibiting companies. Christopher was recruited to built an fair-app. The app aimed to give visitors information about events and where exhibitors could be found. This year was the first time ARKAD had a own app and Christopher was the sole developer. Since then ARKAD has continued annualy building a fair-app, so it was the start of a great era!

IT Skills from projects

  • algorithm 2
  • android 4
  • angularjs 2
  • ansible 1
  • aws-cloudfront 1
  • aws-cognito 1
  • aws-dynamodb 1
  • aws-lambda 1
  • aws-s3 1
  • aws-ses 1
  • aws-sns 1
  • brunch-making 1
  • capacitor 1
  • cordova 1
  • css 4
  • digital-ocean 1
  • django 1
  • docker 1
  • drupal 1
  • gatsbyjs 1
  • golang 1
  • graphql 1
  • heroku 1
  • html 4
  • ios 5
  • java 3
  • javascript 8
  • jenkins 1
  • jest 1
  • jupyter-notebook 1
  • keras 1
  • kotlin 1
  • machine-learning 1
  • meanjs 2
  • mongodb 2
  • mysql 1
  • netlify 1
  • netlify-cms 1
  • nodejs 2
  • objective-c 3
  • phonegap 1
  • php 3
  • python 3
  • react 3
  • react-native 1
  • redux 1
  • scala 1
  • serverless 1
  • sklearn 1
  • sql 1
  • swift 2
  • typescript 1
  • webpack 1
  • wordpress 2